Join us for a weekly online meditation to help inspire and manifest an Awakened Masculinity in the world

Are you willing to find out what an Awakened Masculinity means for you?
Are you ready to give your time and energy once a week to this quest?
Are you looking to join in with others for a cause that can change the world we live in – helping men to grow and step up to the potential of an awakened masculine energy?
Are you curious to engage in a global experiment – simply by the power of your attention and presence?

We invite whoever feels called to this experiment, to connect once a week for 40 minutes in a global meditation.

We meet with the intention to create a shared energy field that can support and inspire all of us – men and women alike – to bring a more awakened masculinity into the world.

All you need is 40 minutes of your time, a quiet place to sit, and the power of your attention to connect with others in this shared intention.

We meet every Tuesday from 6.00 to 6.40 CET (Central European Time)

if you are in a different time zone, please find your local time zone here

You contribute your time, energy and attention to this cause that concerns us all, and you open to receive inspiration, connection and support coming from a deeper place than what you already know

Whether you have never meditated before, or you are a seasoned practitioner, everyone is welcomed: everybody contributes, and everyone helps building a collective vessel for the next step of masculine evolution.

There are no technical requirements for the meditation: all you need is already within you.

  • You can either:

    listen to the video guidance to begin the meditation, and then sit in silence. There is an bell in the recording at the end of the 40 minutes
  • or

    read the transcript of the guidance below the video of the meditation, and then simply sit by yourself for the time of the meeting

I don't understand a word you are saying! – What is this about, and what should I do?

True, it´s an unusual idea. Let´s try to make it simple:

  • this is an invitation for a joined meditation space
  • whoever wants to participate, will sit at this specific time (every Tuesday at 6.00 CET) for 40 minutes with the intention to connect with everybody who is meditating in this experiment at this moment
  • there are no technological requirements, but you can listen and follow the instructions on the video recording
  • while meditating we invite everyone to connect with a common intention to support and inspire a deeper awakening of the masculine spirit on this world right now

Still got questions?
Great, let´s hear them.

You are also invited to share your questions, experiences, insights or whatever else moves you in regard to this. USe the comment box under the meditation video

Who is behind this? Who are we?

We are a team of like-minded men, passionate about bringing more awakening to the masculine world. We work with individuals and groups of men to share our passion and help men in their growth towards embodying their full potential as humans and men – for the benefit of all.

We are friends and partners in this project. We are not affiliated with any kind of religion, creed or political or any other organization. We simply share and feel what we experience beyond the limitations of nation, culture or background. We believe that each human being holds a key and a responsibility for our global life – for our challenges and our potential.

Meet the team

Gregor Khushru Steinmaurer

Teacher and Mentor of the Awakened Masculinity Program

Gregor Khushru is a therapist, coach, mentor and teacher of an embodied Spirituality. Based in Austria, he is teaching and giving workshops internationally.
He is passionate about bringing together western approaches to therapy and healing with the timeless wisdom of eastern mysticism, into a modern blend of an integrated path for development and practice.
One important focus for him is working with men in seminars and longer trainings, supporting an awakened and conscious masculinity.
He also works together with his wife Komala de Amorim on Male-Female Polarity, Conscious Relationship, and the Training for Life.

Václav Němeček

Technical manager, supporter of the Awakened Masculinity vision

Václav Němeček is a co-owner of a small company seated in Prague (Big Bang Support Ltd), Czech Republic. He is mostly involved in technical realization of projects focused on personal and integral development of men and women. He is also a successful mentor and leader of a year long training for men including sacred rite of passage - the Vision Quest. He supports and co-creates a special training for men - Men's sexuality training - led by Gregor Khushru in the Czech Republic.

He is very passionate about growing up in life, exploring deep insights connected to humankind evolution. He is very much interested and practically involved in sacred taoistic sexual practice and cultivation of sexual energy and physical body.

Zdeněk Weber

Life supporter, protector of life evolution and raw values in life

Zdenek Weber, is entrepreneur (co-owner of Big Bang Support Ltd), mentor and supporter in various types of personal, spiritual development. He is founder of men's circle organization in the Czech and Slovak Republic. He has led vision quests for past 10 year, life purpose programs and man trainings and programs.

Together with his wife Šárka Weberová he creates the vision of just love project that is oriented on healing and maturing human relationships. He is also co-mentor of conscious leader program, focused on mentoring, coaching, supporting business leaders.

Disclaimer: By registering for the “Awakened Masculinity” program, I fully accept any risks associated with listening to this program and any of the practices and applications involved. The information contained in this program and these presentations are offered solely for educational purposes only. Results will vary, and you should not use this information as a substitute for help from a licensed professional.